The agency «Bloomberg» included Russia among the most attractive countries for investors in 2017

Russia is the most attractive country for investment in 2017 in emerging markets. The forecast is powerful and restrained in the estimates of the American Agency Bloomberg. It relies, in addition to its calculations, to the data of the Swiss experts, in particular, according to estimates by Swiss Bank UBS.

Bloomberg analysts believe that investors are attracted to states with stable political and economic climate. Russian assets, said the agency, are less susceptible to external negative factors. At the end of 2016, Fitch and Moody's increased Russia's credit rating, noting that the actions of the Russian government and the Central Bank in the conditions of economic recession are more effective than in other countries.

One of the most interesting areas of investment in Russia is an innovative company. According to estimates of the same agency Bloomberg, Russia is among the 15 strongest and fastest-growing innovation economies in the world.

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